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StatisticsRMRIMS, Patna


The department has specialized working experience in operational research in the areas of Epidemiology, Socio & Behavioral, Health Systems Research, Programme evaluation and Programme Implementation studies of kala-azar. Additionally department has sound capability in the rapid community survey. Department actively involved in both the development of statistical methodology and application of statistics in applied research. Provide helps in sample size calculation, study design, statistical analysis. The other significant work are designing and developing new project proposal. Department has expertise in the development of SOP’s, documentation, record keeping, questionnaires (qualitative & quantitative), standardized proforma and data collection tools. Managing computer based data management and statistical analysis using SPSS-21, EPI-INFO, Minitab 16, R 3.6.2 and other statistical software packages. The departments engage in various national/state capacities building programme for vector borne diseases under National Kala-azar Programme through imparting training as well as management of such training programme. Inter-country and Intra-country workshops were organized on KA & PKDL. Besides this, department developed and designed numbers of Training Manual on Kala-azar and PKDL for various categories. Department conduct Ph.D. classes on biostatistics. Deliver lectures/talks on research methodology and statistical analysis in the institute as well as in other organizations for medical students and other researchers. Host Supervisor of University of Warwick, under Newton Bhabha Fund (DST, DBT & British Council). Principal Supervisor/ Co Supervisor to the thesis for the Degree of Ph.D. (Statistics), thesis for the Degree of D.N.B and thesis for the Degree of MDS. Department also do review of Scientific Research Papers for various reputed journals. Audiovisual department are equipped with all the facilities and holding regular meetings/trainings/workshops/conferences, scientific/invited talks.


1.Computing facility and software; 2.Teaching/demonstration on “Research Methodology & statistical Analysis” and statistical software (SPSS 21, Minitab 16 & R 3.6.2).; 3.Capacity building program for KA and PKDL of various health workers; 4.Primary and secondary data collection; 5.Data cleaning and editing; 6.Computer based data management; 7.Data analysis; 8.Assistance (Co-Guide), thesis for the Degree of D.N.B, MDS, etc ; 9.Computers (Desktop); 10.Scanners; 11.Laptops; 12.Projectors; 13.Audio system; 14.Conference audio system; 15.Display screens/TV’s; 16.UPS’s;