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Molecular Biology RMRIMS, Patna


Research in Molecular Biology Division addresses biological questions in three broad areas of Omics (genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics), Cell biology and Biochemistry to understand the disease biology of Leishmania donovani. The main focus of this department is to understand the mechanism of pathogenesis and parasite survival under various hostile host conditions. Scientists of this division are researching drug resistance mechanism, innate and cell mediated immunity, disease mechanism of Post Kal-Azar Dermal Leishmaniasis. The long term goal of this department is to develop new biomarkers and discover new drug targets against leishmaniasis.


1. Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter; 2. Confocal Microscope; 3. FPLC; 4. DNA Microarray System; 5. Elispot Analyzer; 6. Real Time PCR; 7. Gradient Thermal cycler; 8. Fluorescence Microscope; 9. Inverted Microscope; 10. Spectrofluorimeter; 11. Nanodrop; 12. ELISA Reader; 13. Ultracentrifuge; 14. CO2 Incubator; 15. Electroporator; 16. 2-D Gel Electrophoresis System; 17. Gel Documentation System; 18. Lyophiliser; 19. DNA Sequencer; 20. Tissue Culture Facility; 21. Spectrophotometer







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