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ImmunologyRMRIMS, Patna


The Division of Immunology is actively participating in mainstream research programmes of the Institute. This department is actively engaged in immunodiagnosis, host – parasite interaction, identification of leishmania research on target for vaccine development and Immunoprophylactic. Thirteen research scholars have been awarded PhD under the ages of university as Allahabad, University of Calcutta, Bihar University, Muzaffarpur and NIPER, Hajipur. The nature of our research is on advancement of current understanding on immune response against parasitic diseases especially the leishmaniasis and as utilized both in basic and applied aspect to fit competency in elimination program strategies governed by ICMR and government of India. The department has a well-established sera bank to cater the need of researchers from different research organizations in India. Besides, the Division offers on the job training courses' to post graduate students from various Universities in India. To accomplish the above, the division has fully developed infrastructure.


1.Well Equipped Animal Cell Culture facility; 2.Flow Cytometry (FACS Calibur, 4-colour); 3.Confocal Microscope; 4.High Yield Florescent Microscope; 5.ELISA Reader; 6.Well-equipped parasite culture; 7.propagation and cryopreservation facility; 8.Refrigerated micro and Plate Centrifuge; 9.Proteomics Lab; 10.Lyophilizer; 11.Vertical Gel Electrophoresis; 12.Western blotting system; 13.Gel Documentation system; 14.Facilities for molecular studies; 15.Thermal Cycler (PCR); 16.Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis; 17.High Speed Cold Centrifuge (50,000 g); 18.High Speed Cold Centrifuge (12,000 rpm); 19.High Speed Cold Centrifuge (50,00 rpm); 20.Shaking Incubator; 21.CO2 Incubator; 22.Cold chain for storage of reagents;