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Clinical MedicineRMRIMS, Patna


The division of Clinical Medicine is the oldest division of ICMR-RMRIMS, Patna. This division has been a referral centre for the diagnosis and clinical management of visceral leishmaniasis (VL), post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis (PKDL) and VL-HIV co-infection. We run 5-days a week OPD services for general patients and round-the-clock indoor services for VL/PKDL/VL-HIV patients at Samrat Ashoka Tropical Disease Research Centre (SATDRC). Time and again ICMR-RMRIMS, Patna has come forward and served the people of Bihar and its neighbouring states under the leadership of the division of clinical medicine for various health crisis viz. Japanese encephalitis, acute encephalitis syndrome (Chamki fever), dengue,chikungunya, swine flu, hepatitis-B & C, tuberculosis, HIV, and currently COVID-19. The division has been commissioned with one of the recognised nodal ART plus centres, OST centres, 1st-line DoT’s centres for tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment. Our central diagnostic laboratory (CDL) is accredited by the NABL under its Basic Composite-Entry Level scheme. We’ve successfully conduted clinical drug trials viz. miltefosine, paromomycin, liposomal amphotericin-B, fungisome, amphomul and combination therapy for VL, PKDL and VL-HIV coinfection, and pharmacovigilance of the antileishmanial drugs have strengthened the treatment strategies under elimination program. We successfully conducted SII/ICMR sponsored phase 2/3 study of COVISHIELD (COVID-19 vaccine) as one of the clinical sites. During initial phase of mass level vaccination drive, we performed telephonic monitoring of ADRs in people vaccinated with COVAXIN in Bihar & Jharkhand. Further, COVID-19 vaccination centre was started on 09th Feb 2021. We also participated in national and state level sero-surveys for COVID-19 in selected districts of Bihar and validation of Rapid Antibody Kits for COVID-19.

Clinical scientists of ICMR-RMRIMS, Patna has recently developed a training module for the Indian Medical Graduate on rational use of drug for leishmaniasis which has been endorsed by the Secretary DHR & Director General, ICMR. ICMR-RMRIMS, Patna is in the process of becoming a WHO collaborative centre for leishmaniasis. Moreover, ICMR-RMRIMS, Patna is being developed as a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for the diagnosis and clinical management of VL, PKDL and VL-HIV. We’ve been mentoring various doctoral theses on leishmaniaisis with overarching themes including clinical, epidemiological, socio-behavioral and molecular aspects.